Our Common Account Services

Sayers Cars is operating here more than 35 years and we have established ourselves as one of the most trusted and reliable minicab services in Stratford.

By opening an account with Sayers Cars, you are guaranteed priority service at all times. As we are experienced in providing conveyance accessibility in the minimum possible time, our clients trust us with their all kinds of travel needs.

As the needs of the customers are changing we are including more and more services. Some of the common account services we offer include:


If you want a meet and greet service to facilitate your airport travels, then you can hire Sayers Cars as we offer Meet and Greet services. Our drivers will pick you up from airport at anytime.


Kids are different from adults and so are their travel needs. They need rides that are more comfortable and safe. Sayers Cars is providing transportation services for schools for over a decade and we can provide the best school trip services.


Package deliveries and shipments are also very popular these days and we have included courier services to our list as well.


Nobody likes to wait for taxi carrying shopping bags or want to take the bus carrying their shopping luggage. This is why we offer shopping trips to take you home when you are done shopping.


This one is a rather new addition to our service list, in which we offer dedicated drivers for situations where you cannot drive like after parties where you drink. Our dedicated drivers drop you off to home safely after any event and also ensure that your belongings are safe.

Sayers Cars aims at maintaining the highest level of professionalism while offering the most reliable minicab service in Stratford. We have fully computerised handling system taking care of bookings and accounts. You can open an account with us in no time and we are available 24/7. To open an account with us call us at 020 8552 2222